We have the opportunity to test and evaluate the GLO-JO PAL™ ZERO VIZ ASSIST™. It is a rear facing light that is mounted to your helmet just like a helmet band. The light has six different mode that we’re developed for different purposes whether it is the interior blue light setting or the roadway red setting. The light has a built-in rechargeable battery and comes in an all black silicone band or a green glow in the dark band.

So what did we think?

The product is extremely beneficial for developing company and spatial awareness. The light may be mounted with the power button down so that a firefighter may squeeze the light down to their helmet brim to activate the light. The product cuts through the smoke and creates the colored aura around whoever is wearing it. It doesn’t matter which way the firefighter is looking the light will fill the area. During RIT/RIC/FAST operations the light is beneficial for rescuers and those who may need to be rescued. In addition to the PASS audible and visual alerts the product adds that extra light to the top of the firefighter. For rescue crews the light allows members to be visually aware of each other while operating.

Even when looking down, the product emits enough light to change the area around the firefighter.

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